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Archive for May, 2015

Words Every Woman Should Hear at Her Wedding

Earlier this month I attended a gorgeous and intimate wedding at Post Ranch in Big Sur, California. It was one of the most profound ceremonies I have ever witnessed.

I know both the bride and the groom, love them as individuals, and love them even more as a couple.

As a Matchmaker and a Dating Coach, I’ve heard a thousand stories of lost love, pain from the disappointment of love, and the yearning and longing for it when it can’t …

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Fate and Your Ideal Match

Like most people, you’ve had your ups and downs when it comes to dating. You’ve been close to finding “the one,” and yet much of the time you wonder if your perfect love is ever going to enter your life. It’s easy to get disillusioned. Failed romances can begin to add up and put a ding in the door of your self-esteem.

And yet, each day you rally, waking up to a fresh start and a new hope – the …

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