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Five Weeks to a Fresh New Love Life — Week Five: Seize the Day!

During the last five weeks, I’ve used the Friday Takeaway to help you prepare to kick start your love life, and get yourself ready for Spring romance. If you haven’t been following along, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Week One: Give Forgiveness
Week Two: Get Input
Week Three: Get a Great Wingwoman
Week Four: Sexify Your Style!

Today we’re done with planning. Now you move into the action phase. I’m asking you to get out of your head and open your heart to the world, no matter what has happened in the past. It’s time to step up and to seize the day!

Get ready to say YES.

This means yes to dates. Yes to opportunities that are all around you. Yes to thinking and feeling in a new way. No more saying “no” – that word has a way of keeping you stuck, and to be honest, it doesn’t mean you’re more selective. It keeps you closed and shut down.

Instead, you’re going to say yes, putting yourself out there in a whole new way, and seeing yourself and the men around you with fresh eyes.

Here’s How to Do This

I have five ways for you to get there quickly and easily.

1. Ditch your List. Let’s face it. Following an old and tired list of superficial wants is making you crazy. Why? Because it puts you in a constant search for a man you’ve created in your head, instead of a man you’ve actually met. Let go of this imaginary person so you can see the real men around you.

2. Try a new “type.” You know you’ve got a type — but how’s that working out for you? This week, start looking out for and having conversations with men that don’t fit into the picture of your ideal guy. Is your type tall, dark, GQ handsome, outgoing and funny? (If so, get in line!) The shorter, quiet guy with blonde hair/blue eyes and the preppy style might have been overlooked in the past, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t right for you. You miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. Give it a try!

3. Change Your Schedule. I can’t tell you how many happy couples I’ve matched up who literally lived right down the street from one another. They never would have met on their own, simply because they had become so robotic with their schedules. If you don’t shake up your calendar and try something new, or do something on a different day, you’ll only be running into the same people over and over, sharing your life with the same circle of friends. This week, do everything opposite of your routine. Literally everything.

4. Forget Your Plans. Life happens when we’re busy making plans. Be flexible and open to new thoughts, ideas, places and people. Rigid thinking gets you nowhere, and keeps you alone. Be fluid with your dreams. Your journey will take you to interesting places if you just let go and open your arms to the world. Letting go of your “I need to be married within one year and marry a man with no kids so we can start a new family” doesn’t mean you’ve stopped dreaming, or that you aren’t trying. It just means you’re ready for whatever the universe has in store for you. Timing is indeed everything. Give yourself a break and let go of the wheel!

5. Let your heart — not your mind — be your guide. Your head is not qualified to lead your love life. You might think it keeps you safe, but no, it’s the opposite. Listen to your instincts. You’ll know you’re choosing wisely when you’re able to be open with your feelings, allowing them to lead the way.

I urge you to get out there and open your arms, your eyes, your mind and heart. The world and some very special guys are just dying to meet you. Get out there! And let me know how this series has helped and supported you. I want the best for you!

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To new beginnings and lasting relationships!
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