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Looking for Your Mate

I recently held a private workshop for a group of women. All in attendance were smart, successful women. Women that were used to going out and getting what they wanted in life.

I noticed that the theme of the night was all about “looking for a mate” or “getting men to commit.” I started thinking about this today and what keeps coming back is why are women actively “looking” or “seeking”? In fact, if you look at most on line profiles, you will see women stating this at the top of the profile they fill out. Girlseekinggreatguy38 so to speak.

Here is what I see that is wrong with this:

Women are working way too hard.

Love does not happen because you are looking for it. Great relationships do not come into your life simply because you are seeking out relationship. I like to call it diffused focus. Keep your eyes and ears open, but take the work out of your search.

It’s not necessary.

Sit back, relax and stop trying so hard. All you have to do is be happy, open and give a man a great smile when you lock eyes.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

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