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Lululemon and the Demise of Feminine Attire

I love my Lululemon pants. After all, I’m not immune to the comfortable yet stylish look and feel of these modern updates from the tired and baggy sweat pants of the Days of Yore. I too, have been guilty of spending a small fortune on active wear, like so many millions of women walking and jogging the earth.

The shiny, hanging, price tags from our stretchy pull on pants scream out to us, and make us feel o.k. (no, downright excited) about wearing them everywhere we go. Who needs $150 designer jeans when you can have $150 sweat pants?

“Sexy fit!” “Flattering and lifting to the rear!” “Comfortable!” “Chic!” “Day to night style,” they call to us.

Wait a minute: I can look hot, look 10 years younger from behind, not have to change my clothes to go to dinner, AND be comfy? Sign me up!

Last year I purchased a pair of “workout” pants from a trendy LA store. The salesgirl (in her stretchy pants and sexy t-shirt) had me reaching for my hot-to-the-touch credit card when she told me I could layer them with a soft cashmere sweater, a pair of heels, and a leather jacket. Voila! An outfit made in heaven AND the gym. She forgot to mention that only looks hot if you’re 21. After that, you just look silly.

Cozy Clothing – Friend or Foe?

There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t want to throw on soft pants after a long day of wearing skirts and heels, and cuddle up with a hot cup of tea. Or for that matter, walk the dog, run to the store, have brunch with friends, or see a movie in these sensational inventions that make us feel like we’re trying to look our best even when we can’t find the inspiration to do so.

It’s okay if you’re on your couch and alone. Just know that your public image actually does require a deeper look and more attention.

Don’t believe me? I’ll go a step further and tell you that the fabulous single San Francisco and LA men who hire me to find their brides have told me that women show up to dates wearing active wear! And no, these aren’t hiking dates.

Be honest with yourself. It’s a lazy way to dress.

It’s not just Lululemon itself that has us drinking the Kool-Aid. Celebrities are now designing for the all around lifestyle/workout daily wear. Just today, I noticed a new store going into a local neighborhood in Santa Monica called, “Sweaty Betty.” At first, my pulse quickened and the thrill of MORE active wear designs danced in my head like sugar plums at Christmas. Seconds later, the excitement drained from my body… “Sweaty Betty.” Who wants to be known as that? Ew. And Ew.

Hot? …Not.

My husband has been making daily and weekly comments about the women we pass on the street:

“I wish women would stop wearing active wear all the time. Don’t they know it’s not sexy, beautiful, feminine or flattering?”

What? Not flattering? What about the advertising claims? Aren’t these color coordinated outfits meant to do all that glamorizing while also helping women appear casual, sporty and carefree?

Active wear has become the feminine wardrobe, and my husband is right. It’s given women permission to dress down while also giving a false illusion that they are attracting the opposite sex.

Not wearing your yoga wear to attract a man, you say? Of course you’re not. Not specifically. But, if you’re out and about in the world and wishing to meet someone, then you must be mindful of how you dress and present yourself.

I have wanted to write about this for some time and interestingly enough, I happened upon this hilarious video that complimented my article. I hope it gives you a giggle.

Yoga, cycling, gym classes — they all require active wear. But do yourself a favor and don’t live in your gear. Don’t believe the hype and the advertising. Not to mention, now that every woman is doing it, no one is standing out anymore. We just look like a sea of sweatpants and bright pink sneakers.

You Contain Multitudes

Here’s my advice:

Stand out. Be unique. Be feminine. Look like a woman who actually wants to be seen.
Bring your work out wear to the gym and dress there before your class. Take a shower after and put your “street” clothes back on before you leave. Yes, it’s an extra step, but you’re worth it. Leave these items in the car and take the time to dress for even the most casual of events.

You can look like a million bucks going to the store, having brunch with friends, walking the dog, running errands and especially on your dates.

Just say no to daily work out wear! Let’s bring back the feminine wardrobe!

Now, would love your input. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of pushback on this but I want your stories. Have you ever received a compliment from a man while wearing your work out wear? Have you ever been told to stop wearing it?

Let’s discuss!

Much love,


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