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Finding a Valentine with the help of a professional

Wanted to share an interview I did with The Los Angeles Times. Enjoy!

Coaching included: Los Angeles-based matchmaker April Beyer also invites single women to register on her website at no cost. However, the founder of Los Angeles-based Beyer & Co. stresses that her company is not an internet dating service like PlentyofFish, or eHarmony because she meets with clients in person and provides dating tips.

“My clients are paying me to be honest and direct with them,” Beyer said. “In order to get married, my clients usually need coaching, but not about what tie to wear on a date. No, they need coaching on deeper issues such as learning to communicate what they need in order to get them what they want.”

Armed with a degree in performing arts, Beyer literally fell into the matchmaking business in 1999 when she took a part-time position interviewing new clients for a Los Angeles-based matchmaking service. Within a year, it became a full-time job.

“Quite honestly, you don’t grow up thinking you are going to be a matchmaker and help others find love, but there I was,” said Beyer.

Two years later, she decided to devote herself to matchmaking full-time. The entertainment industry “paled in comparison to what I was doing for singles,” said Beyer, who has since appeared as a dating expert on “Good Morning America” and “Dr. Phil.”

Beyer works with only 10 to 15 bachelors each year, each of whom pays her $40,000. She does not have female clients, but the single women who register on her website,, can submit photos and their information.

If she thinks that a client might be interested in one of the women in her large database, Beyer will contact the bachelorette to set up a one-on-one interview. Beyer said she has united 30 couples in marriage since she started her business 12 years ago.

Another successful relationship match orchestrated by Ferman was that of Monika Galius, 41, an engineer, and Mark Auburn, 46, a software architect and consultant. The Manhattan Beach couple married in 2007 after meeting through Ferman two years earlier.

I decided to find a partner through a matchmaker because I truly believed that Ferman would do a better job of finding someone who would be a good match for me than I could,” said Galius. “I was right. Ferman found me a man that has a passion for life and is a gentleman, smart, respectful, caring, fun and makes me laugh. Perfect match.”

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