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A Compelling Secret About How Men Fall In Love

Today’s Friday Takeaway is short, and sweet. I’m going to share a little insight about the hearts of men:

Men fall in love faster than women.

I know, I know. Everyone thinks women are the first to fall in love. After all, we’re supposedly the more romantic of the species, right? (That’s actually not true either.) But the reality is, when it comes to love, we ladies feel it in our heads first, before it ever moves to our hearts.

It makes perfect sense. A woman’s nature is to be thoughtful, logical and safe about her choices. It’s important to our future and longevity. Even when a woman is impulsive in love, there’s always some head action going on before the heart is swept away.

However, when a man meets the woman he’s going to marry, it’s a different story. He decides rather quickly. He gives his heart fully and without hesitation.

And surprisingly, men don’t judge their own looks or their worthiness when they are first smitten by you. They simply know how they feel about you, and decide they want to make you happy.

The True Takeaway

What is it that gets their attention so completely that they easily open their hearts to you? It’s deceptively simple.

In my seventeen years of working closely with the country’s most eligible, successful and relationship-ready men, I can tell you that they aren’t falling in love with you because of your job title, your work out schedule, your hobbies, your degrees, or even the shape of your body. Those things are great, but they aren’t the characteristic that inspires love. Nope.

Men fall in love with the woman underneath it all. They fall in love with the true essence of you as a person. Just you.

The way you love, experience, forgive, communicate, and enjoy life. How affectionate, warm and feminine you are. How you express that. Your laugh, your smile, your way of relating. That’s what matters to them. They fall in love with the woman, and the way you inspire them. Do they feel good about who they are around you? That counts too.

This week’s Takeaway is all about understanding that you don’t have to “work” or strive to be loveable. If you are engaging with the world as your authentic self, that will be recognized by the man who is right for you, and it won’t take long after for him to offer you his heart.

Much love and happy Friday!

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