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ASK April – How to Choose a Dating Service

Today we’re talking about something that I know a great deal about, matchmaking! As you already know, I’ve been a Professional Matchmaker for more than 16 years so this is a topic that I could discuss all day.

In today’s ASK April, learn how to get started and determine what type of agency you should look into.

I’ve truly seen it all ladies. From several years working for a larger, fast paced company to running my own personal firm today where I cater to a select group of highly successful, marriage-minded men. Choosing an agency is a big decision and you need to be well informed! Not all are created equal so please take your time and don’t make any fast decisions.

In today’s video I’m giving you my top tips on:

  • How to know if a professional service is right for you
  • The#1 question you need to ask before hiring anyone
  • How to do your targeted research so you don’t regret your choice

If you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to check out my Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ audio series.

Please share your questions and comments below. Let me know how you are enjoying the video series so far! I? do try and respond to as many as I can and would love to ?hear from you.

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