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ASK April – When You’re “Just Not That Into Him”

What do you do after a date with a man when you don’t want to see him again? Maybe he’s a nice guy, the kind of guy your mother would love, but you just don’t have that special spark or chemistry? God knows, you want to like him, you really do.

Let’s be honest. He’s not sweeping you off your feet in the romance department. Do you call him back? Give him the cold hard facts? Avoid him like the plague? Give him a second date just to be sure?

It’s a tricky thing. I know how hard it is to let someone down. I also know that each and every one of us have been confused and left in the dark when a man disappeared after what seemed to be a great date. It’s a two way street.

Do you prefer that he just not tell you? Would you rather hear the cold hard truth? Would you feel better if he told you that he was seeing someone else? Going off to war?

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