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Best of Sparks!: Where to Meet Quality Men

Throughout the month of August, I’ll be featuring some of my most popular ASK APRIL videos here on Sparks! I’ll see you back here in September, and in the meantime have a fantastic summer!

Ever wonder why you don’t seem to meet great guys who also happen to be in the market for a relationship? You may not realize it, but these men are walking, talking, breathing and moving in the very same circles you are. In fact, you pass by them every day!

However, you could be missing out on a few important opportunities because you’re actually not as approachable as you think you are. So instead of telling you how to show up where these men are and hope for the best, I’m going to help you make these men notice you wherever you are.

In this video I explain:

1. Why simply meeting these men is NOT enough
2. How to create space by prioritizing your personal life
3. What makes it impossible for a man to approach you
4. Why your awareness is key to meeting quality, marriage-minded men

Let me know if you find this information helpful, and please feel free to share this video with your friends!

Much love and happy summering!
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