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If settling or working harder at dating aren’t the answers, what is?

Does the need or desire to settle down require you to settle?

If you don’t want to settle, does this mean you should “work harder” at dating?

You might have quietly (or not so quietly), asked these questions of yourself a million times. Most singles go through a state of confusion when dating starts to become daunting and exhausting…when efforts are not yielding positive results.

The best way to get clarity on whether or not you’re compromising yourself, your time,

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Advice and success stories for your single soul on Valentine’s Day.

People always want to hear stories from my career matchmaking with an 89% success rate. In this interview with Catherine Gray, you’ll hear a few of them, including the beautiful story of my parents.

One consistent factor in these stories is that the people who end up falling in love said yes to my introductions. You MUST be open to all opportunities and SAY YES to dates.  You can’t circumvent the dating process to get to marriage. Be open-minded

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Kill two dating app problems with this one strategic stone.

You know the usual complaints with dating apps: they take up too much time browsing, texting, going out on meaningless dates. 

But there is one issue that probably doesn’t rise to the top of your mind:  overexposure.

“I’ve seen this guy/girl for a few years on all of these apps and I’m not interested in meeting someone that everyone else has hit on or dated.”

I’ve heard this statement countless times. It doesn’t seem fair. After all, if they see

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One of the most powerful words in dating is totally misunderstood.

Vulnerability gets a bad rap. This word is often misused and misunderstood.

So often in fact, that everywhere you turn, people are teaching vulnerability. As if it is so new and foreign this inherent characteristic requires a guided class or weekend seminar.

You’ve most likely attempted to walk the fine line of strength and vulnerability, never quite knowing when to hit the brakes or the gas. So, you wait for the opportunity, the safe place or a kind face to

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The Woman You Want Can’t Be Found Online.

Quality women are fed up with dating apps and are leaving in droves. So why are you still swiping and wasting time trying to find your ideal woman?

Free dating apps once offered ease, freedom, and hope. Now, they’re creating the exact opposite environment and no one’s happy or feeling successful.


Instead of making life easier, you’re spending even more valuable time managing texts with random women you know you’re never going …

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You should update your dating life.

Whether you’ve been single for what seems like an eternity, dating random people that you have no connection with, or have been in the wrong relationship for too long, now is the time to make some updates and changes to your dating life. No more waiting around and simply hoping things will get better.


Throw away your lists.

This is a cornerstone of my teaching and matching. Your “Mr./Mrs. Right” list …

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A good reason to ALWAYS be on your best behavior.

It’s vital you keep your dating reputation squeaky clean. The dating world (and the city you live in) is smaller than you think. Word travels fast and it spreads like wildfire.
Women share everything. They drill down to the most microscopic details with their girlfriends during their post date feedback. A woman will praise you, see your depth, appreciate your sensitivity, and applaud your character. That same gossip can turn upside down if her report is negative. Her voice is …

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Is online dating worth your time?

Most of you have gone online or to apps either because “everyone is doing it” or as a last resort. You haven’t met anyone yet and you’ve heard several success stories that inspired you to give it a shot.

I applaud your motivation to take control of your dating life. But I advise you to browse and swipe with caution. Online dating can cause:

Loss of time and money

Feelings of low self-esteem

Inexplicable behavior that might cause you to …

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Target your mindset, not your relationship status.

Whether you’ve been dating for years or you’re just starting to get back out there, dating can be a daunting experience filled with ups and a few too many downs.

While you may be tired of sitting at the kids’ table, stuck searching for a plus one, here are 5 tips to keep your mind and perspective on track when all you want to do is give up.

Take your eye off the “Relationship Target.”

Love is not something you …

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Why do men want to date younger women?

We all have a superficial wish list in a partner, but nothing superficial should ever get in the way of romance. That’s why I always tell my clients, “Throw away your list.” We need to marry your wants with your needs, both of which are based on your values, not looks or age.

My advice to men and women: forget age altogether.

Men often look for younger women because they think women their own age are jaded while a younger …

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