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One to One with April

Bad Boys vs. Nice Guys — Are They Really Different?

You know how it is when dating. You meet all kinds: Some men date a string of women, only looking for fun, and other men claim they just never get the girl. But — are those men really all that different from each other?

Read my response to Liz, who has a question about the kind of men she keeps finding herself with…

Hi, I’ve been reading a lot about dating, and nobody is talking about the problem I’m having.

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He’s in a Relationship. Can You Be His Friend?

We’ve all been approached by the married man, or the guy with a girlfriend who just doesn’t understand him or is no longer making him happy. At first, the tone is innocent. The word “friendship” is tossed around. But have you ever wondered if a man wanting to be your friend is actually flirting with you? Caitlin wrote to me recently and she’s wondering the same thing:

Dear April,

A few weeks ago I met this drop-dead GORGEOUS guy at

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What Men See When They Look At You

We are all so critical of ourselves, aren’t we? We look at our bodies in the mirror and see the tiniest of flaws. We fret, go through a million different outfits, and swear we’ll never leave the house again if nothing in our closet fits. We look at our laugh lines and frown lines and wonder where the time is going. And with that, our body image begins to influence the way we think and feel about ourselves. Ann is …

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Three Ways to Help a Man Relax In Your Presence

If you’ve ever been nervous on or before a date, you know the terrifying, aching feeling you have in the pit of your stomach.

Will he like me?
Am I pretty enough?
Will he like my dress? My sense of humor?
What if I’m too tall, too short, too thin or too heavy?

Just some of the insane thoughts that cross our minds when first we meet someone. We’re so busy worrying about how we are going to come across …

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Come Join Me In Oregon!

What a gorgeous day! I’m excited to share some news with you:

I will be appearing next month at the Oregon Women’s Conference and I’d love to have you join me!

My dear friend Keri Murphy is hosting and producing the conference. She is an amazing connector, and a wonderful person. When she told me about her vision for the conference this year and asked me to participate, my answer was a resounding yes. Her goal with the OWC goes …

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Are His Sweet Nothings Sincere? Here’s How to Know If He’s a Player

He’s falling all over you, giving you tons of attention, flattering you, and telling you how special you are. Is he for real? That’s what Mazal wants to know:

Hi April, your advice is absolutely eye-opening and very inspiring! I’ve been having an issue. I’ve been out in the dating world for a bit now and I can’t seem to tell the difference when a guy says something nice, or compliments you constantly, if he really means it, or if

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How Important Is Chemistry?

What are the ingredients for love? Is it possible for a relationship to bloom if the chemistry isn’t there? That’s Shannon’s question:

April, I have a very quick question. I met someone who is great. I love everything about him — except his appearance. I don’t feel physically attracted to him, and he’s short. I am sure this sounds superficial, but it’s the way I feel. However, I know that as we age, looks can fade.

I want to give

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Do Men Like It When Women Make the Moves?

That moment when you find yourself interested in a guy and you’re contemplating how to get his attention…

Your instincts tell you to make a move, but then a little voice in your head warns that strategy could backfire. A bunch of conflicting dating advice starts circling through your mind. Does it have to be this convoluted? That’s Maria’s question:

Hi April, I want to know if men like woman making moves? Chasing them, rather then having to wait for

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How to Handle a Surprise Dealbreaker

We’ve all had those moments when we realize we’re dating someone who just isn’t right for us. But what about a situation where everything seems perfect — great conversation, shared interests, amazing chemistry — and then you come up against an unexpected deal breaker? The one thing you just can’t accept in a partner.

How should you react? Is it fair? Is there a solution? This is Andreana’s situation:

April, I love love love your advice and columns! I am

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How Trying to Be a Bitch Backfires in Love

There’s plenty of dating advice out there encouraging women to employ what we might call “underhanded” tactics to attract and maintain a relationship. And there’s no doubt this concept sells books. But does it work? That’s what Jenn wants to know:

April, I have read three dating advice books: The Manual, Why Men Love Bitches, and Why Men Marry Bitches. The Bitches books rang so utterly true to me, and I see these ladies all the time

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