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Relationship Advice

The Healthy Habit Most Likely to Help You Find Love

I just returned from the most incredible weekend in Santa Barbara. I have to say, I’m still reeling from the high.

I hosted a women’s retreat at the gorgeous Belmond El Encanto for a very special group of brilliant, successful women — all of whom came together to learn, laugh, cry, release old thoughts and patterns, and shine a big bright light on their personal lives.

Something most powerful, busy women tend to neglect.

As a business owner with a …

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ASK April – Where to meet quality marriage-minded men

Everyone wants me the answer to this question: “April, where can I meet quality, marriage-minded men?” I happen to know quite a few of them. They’re my clients.

You see, my clients aren’t living in a cave; only venturing out for work, dates and meetings. They’re breathing, walking, talking in the same circles you travel in. You pass by them every day.

Instead of trying to show up where these men are, you need to be approachable so they notice …

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ASK April – When You’re “Just Not That Into Him”

What do you do after a date with a man when you don’t want to see him again? Maybe he’s a nice guy, the kind of guy your mother would love, but you just don’t have that special spark or chemistry? God knows, you want to like him, you really do.

Let’s be honest. He’s not sweeping you off your feet in the romance department. Do you call him back? Give him the cold hard facts? Avoid him like the …

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ASK April – What to Wear (And Not Wear) On Your Next Date

Many of you know I’m a big fan of women dressing feminine and a dress is always your best choice for dates. I can’t begin to tell you how much men appreciate it.

However, now that online dating has become a popular way to meet, more often your date locations are the local Starbucks. So, what is a girl to do when you’re meeting a new guy at 9 a.m. over coffee? If you have a blind date should you …

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ASK April – Why Do Men Run Hot and Cold?

Pop quiz ladies, True or false:

Are most men only interested in the pursuit? Do men run hot and cold and need women to be mysterious to keep their interest? If you answered TRUE to one or both of these questions, I’m happy to tell you that the answers are FALSE.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. In fact, it’s one of my favorites.

In this week’s video, I’ll explain how YOU might be changing the temperature with …

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ASK April – How to Get Over Your Ex & Move on

Some relationships are seasonal and not meant to go the distance. And yet, it’s always so painful to let go and be rational when the one you love breaks up with you. You feel lost, confused and your self-esteem takes a hit.

In my private coaching work, I’m helping singles at different parts of their journey. Most are coming to me with residual fall out from their last relationship and can’t seem to stop the “WHY” cycle.

Since there isn’t …

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ASK April – Do “Quality” Men Need You to be Successful?

Do you know what men find so valuable about you?

Do you think that eligible, quality men need you to have a great career to take you seriously? I work closely and intimately with these men so I have a lot to say on this subject!

In this week’s video, I’ll explain what is truly valuable about you and it’s not your career or the money in your bank account. I’ll also share what you might be doing to sell …

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ASK April – Are You Being Too Picky When Dating?

I’ve got a big question for you today ladies.

Are you or anyone you know suffering from the “Do I have to settle to settle down” syndrome? It’s a common question that leaves women feeling unsettled, confused and down right anxious about their dating life.

Let’s be honest. At some point, you’ve been in a relationship where you felt like you were settling. Today I’m going to explain how you can instantly tell if you’re settling and why …

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ASK April – How to Stay True to Yourself When Dating

Have you ever felt like you had to dumb down, change or put aside what you need just to suit a particular man in your life? Maybe you’ve even compromised some of your core values and you knew better…but felt like you couldn’t speak up?

Do you wonder if your dating life is going to put too many dents in the door to your self-esteem?

In today’s video I’m showing you how you can stay true to who YOU are …

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ASK April – Sex, Love & Affection: How Much Do You Need?

One of the most important things I ask every client in an interview is “How much physical affection is important to you?” “How sexual are you?” Men tell me it all in our meetings and its my job to ask! And from what I’m hearing, men are not slowing down in the sex department as they’re getting older.

Today I’m going to show you how to determine compatibility with someone special in your life. We all have different emotional and …

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