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April Beyer – Dating Coach & Relationship Expert

A Proven 82% Matchmaking Success Rate In Bringing Men and Women Together In Love!

April Beyer – Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert

I’ve been an exclusive Matchmaker (Beyer & Company) and Dating Coach to successful, relationship-ready men for more than 17 years, which means I have a unique perspective on exactly what women need to successfully navigate today’s modern online dating scene and find love.

I meet so many exceptional, attractive, smart, single, successful women who lack the …

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Making Mr. Right: What You Didn’t See in Episode #4!

Note: if you watch the clip above, be sure to click on “stop the countdown” at the end, or you’ll be taken to the VH1 website.

Last night’s episode of VH1’s Making Mr. Right was all about observing the guys during group activities. The girls tried to determine if the guys were compatible with them based on their interests, and learned this was much more complicated than just a simple exercise. (Meanwhile, some of the guys had started to suspect …

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My New VH1 Show!

Ladies, take a look! VH1 has just released the promo for the fun reality show I’m hosting — “Making Mr. Right!” It’s kind of a modern twist on a real-life romantic comedy. It was a really fun little project. Let me know what you think!…

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