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Kill two dating app problems with this one strategic stone.

You know the usual complaints with dating apps: they take up too much time browsing, texting, going out on meaningless dates. 

But there is one issue that probably doesn’t rise to the top of your mind:  overexposure.

“I’ve seen this guy/girl for a few years on all of these apps and I’m not interested in meeting someone that everyone else has hit on or dated.”

I’ve heard this statement countless times. It doesn’t seem fair. After all, if they see you on all the popular dating apps, aren’t they themselves doing the same thing?

You’re on the apps because your desire to find a romantic connection is strong, you’re trying to be proactive.  So much so that the hunt has become a second job.

The hope that just one more swipe right will produce the perfect partner keeps you on your toes, alert, and yet exhausted all at the same.

No matter the platform, dating apps are designed to increase your opportunities of meeting new people. But, which one do you choose? It’s difficult to pick only one so you download a few and roll the dice. After all, they’re free to join and everyone’s invited.  That’s the good and the bad news.

It might be time to ask yourself: Is being everywhere getting you nowhere?  And have you considered how the overexposure is working against you?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, when it’s easy to spot you active on a few dating apps it can give the appearance of being a player or desperate rather than just being someone maximizing the opportunities to find a great partner.   A double standard, yes, but the reality of how the human mind works.

LEVEL is an offline, private, members only network that solves many of these issues but if you still feel the need to use the dating apps, here’s a way you can be more productive with your time:

Make a strategic decision to try ONE dating app for 90 days.

This solves two problems for you:

  1. Less wasted time.
  2. No more overexposure.

If you don’t feel an app is right for you, delete it and try another.  Your fear of missing out shouldn’t be the driver of your personal life. 

We all existed, dated and fell in love long before these apps existed. Pace yourself.  Get out in the real world and make connections instead leaning on fast food dating. Breathe and relax. Use your apps but don’t let them use you.

The greatest love stories were never born from scarcity and panic. So let’s not go there!  

4 Responses to “Kill two dating app problems with this one strategic stone.”

  1. Jeff says:

    always insightful articles and uniquely relevant.

  2. Marcela says:

    I haven’t heard from you in a while. Even with the new app.

    • April Beyer says:

      Hi Marcela,
      LEVEL is not a dating app. It’s a hybrid of intelligent technology and personal matchmaking that only creates introductions based on mutual alignment of our 10 Value Category System. Although your application was complimentary, you always have an opportunity to be matched with our male members. Free dating apps give the illusion of matches but are not created with any real filters like we have with LEVEL. Our advice is to keep your profile with us (it’s private and offline) as long as you’re still single as you never know when the right chemistry match will appear. We only want to reach out to you if we have a member that we feel you’d be excited to meet and vice-versa. Thanks for checking in.

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