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Fate and Your Ideal Match

Like most people, you’ve had your ups and downs when it comes to dating. You’ve been close to finding “the one,” and yet much of the time you wonder if your perfect love is ever going to enter your life. It’s easy to get disillusioned. Failed romances can begin to add up and put a ding in the door of your self-esteem.

And yet, each day you rally, waking up to a fresh start and a new hope – the hope that eventually you’re going to meet that person who is as dedicated, special and as ready for love as you are.

Who’s Running This Show?

Guess what? Fate runs our life whether we know it or not. It’s why we struggle when we aren’t getting what we want, at the time we want it most. Fate has its own mind, and although it’s difficult to see the rhyme and reason, there is indeed a plan.

Wishing and wanting only get you so far.

I work with single men and women on a daily basis. Everyone who meets with me wants one of two things: for me to find them the love of their life, or for me to help them arrive at more clarity and confidence so they can find the love of their life.

The concept of fate comes up quite a bit. I’ve been thought of as the woman who lends fate a helping hand, though sometimes I’m expected to be the woman who can magically circumvent fate and make love happen, regardless of the bigger (and often better) plan. I’m a Matchmaker after all. Shouldn’t I be able to find everyone their mate? Isn’t it what I’m paid handsomely to do?

The truth is, I don’t love the term Matchmaker; It’s too powerful a word.

Match Maker.

As if a mere mortal could make a match!

I truly am simply fate’s helping hand, and it’s only with a divine moment of inspiration that I create each perfect match. What I am good at is listening. Not only listening to my clients’ deeper (and oft-times hidden) needs, but listening to the universe and the beautiful whisper that graces my ears on very special and magical days:

That’s the match. They are destined. Go set them up, April!

That’s truly what it feels and sounds like. Without that kind of revelatory intuition and validation, creating introductions for eager clients just feels perfunctory and unsatisfying – both for me and for them. The universe has to be conspiring, as well. That’s when it is magic. That’s when love happens.

Guiding Fate’s Hand

This, of course, is much like your own dating life. Intentions are great but when fate does not support them, you will lose every time. How can you get fate on your side?

Act on your intentions with an open heart. Take calculated risks. Be ready.

And cultivate trust.

Today I invite you to trust fate just a bit more than you do right now. Worry not about the length of time you’ve been single, or those times when love failed to blossom, and instead – open yourself up to a design for your life that maybe even you aren’t aware of. Life is looking out for you! Your journey is rich and every moment counts, single or otherwise. Value the gift of the unique path that’s been handed to you.

Now, I want to hear from you. When have you trusted fate to guide you? What kinds of signs or signals did you receive at that time? Was there a big payoff? We can all learn from each other here so don’t be shy. I’ll be reading and jumping in when I think my voice should be heard.

One Final Thought

Have you joined my network? There is no reason not to give yourself every opportunity to find the love you want. I encourage you to sign-up, especially if you’re in LA or San Francisco, as so many of my male clients are on the West Coast. If you haven’t completed a private and confidential profile for Beyer & Company, you can do so here.  You just never know what fate has in store!

Much love to you, and to all those you love,


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