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Find Your Place In the World

So much has happened over the past week, but the image that has stuck with me the most is that of hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the Capitol and along the mall to show support and be a part of history as President Obama was sworn in for his second term on Martin Luther King Day. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you’re on, an inauguration day is special and evokes emotion. These people who attended could have stayed home to watch the ceremony on TV like the rest of us, but they wanted to make their mark, to participate, to experience this momentous event. The collective display got me thinking about the importance of community.

On the one hand, it seems we’re more connected and looped into communities than ever. In this age of Facebook likes and nonstop newsfeeds, our engagement has become passive to say the least. It’s become easier for us to sit on the sidelines and wait for life to happen.

It’s no wonder that meeting someone special presents challenges for singles. I often meet women and men who think that taking that trip, getting out into the world, exploring that cute neighborhood outside of town, is something to do once they’ve met someone. I also see too many people saying no to meeting someone and offering up the excuse that they simply don’t have the time to waste unless they have all the information upfront. Introductions must be fully qualified lest they spend a Saturday night with someone who isn’t right for them. It’s a way of securing their time investment — and yet all it really does is keep them from the one thing they want and need most, a long and lasting connection.

Single or coupled, we should all be embracing life and taking the lead with ideas, invitations and creating opportunities to expand our circles and experiences. The more we challenge ourselves to participate, explore, connect, and be aware of our places in history, our communities, and the world, the more opportunities we create for ourselves to grow.

Relationships make the world go around and they require your presence both physically and spiritually. Life is not going to come to you. You have to create your life instead of watching it pass you by. Get out there and shake things up. The results just might be invigorating!

Your friend in love,

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