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Five Important Things You Should Know About Men

Wow, the time got away from me! So busy these days. Well, I promised you a great post last week on the The Friday Takeaway, and it’s finally here! Hope you have some down time these next few days to really think about these deceptively simple insights. Appreciating — and being thankful for — the things that make men different from women can have a wonderfully refreshing effect on your dating life!

I love working with men. Believe it or not, they’re very easy to make happy. When a man reaches a stage of readiness, all it takes is the right woman to walk into his life.

Unfortunately, I often notice that single women don’t understand men very well. If you’re not careful, misinformation can confuse you, and hurt your chances of having a great relationship. Although men sometimes seem to be a big mystery, I can promise you they are much easier to know, understand and love than you might think.

Here are five things to know about men:

1. Men Don’t Think Sarcasm is Sexy

You’re out a bar with friends and the witty banter is flying with a group of men you’ve just met. You playfully tease and “call him out.” You think it’s going great. After all, the little teasing jabs and put downs are all in good fun. Even his buddies are laughing and maybe he’s laughing too.

Unfortunately, you might be under the false impression that men like women who are funny and like to joke around, but, deep down, it’s a turn off, especially if the jokes are at his expense. This kind of joking creates an unsettled feeling in a man. Know the difference between being fun and funny, versus what’s essentially mean and sarcastic. An insult is an insult, even if it’s wrapped in a joke.

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Men don’t think sarcasm is sexy. It makes them feel unsettled when a joke is at their expense. — @AprilBeyer

2. Men Describe You With Adjectives

Every day I receive calls and emails about the dates I put together. What I find interesting, is that women are far more critical than men when it comes to describing a dating partner. If a man isn’t interested in you, instead of picking you apart, he simply says, “no chemistry.” Plain and simple.

Also interesting: women speak in “facts” and tend to talk about what they learned about the man on a date, what he does, and where he’s been in his life. Men, on the other hand, tend to use words like: “warm,” “sweet,” “real,” “beautiful,” “caring,” and “present” when describing you. Generally, men look at you with their heart, not with their head. (So sweet, isn’t it?)

3. Men Don’t Do a Self-Assessment Before Asking You Out

You can’t blame a guy for trying to ask you out. You might think that it’s preposterous that men who are “not in your league” would have the guts to ask you out. In fact, you might even go as far as feeling insulted by it, and wonder what you’re doing wrong to attract all the wrong men. But men don’t judge their looks or worthiness when approaching you on the street or online. They only see a woman they find beautiful and want to meet. By the way, it’s a tough road to greet you and say hello. Be kind to your fellow man, and always be gracious.

4. Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

I know, we all think we love faster (and better) than men, but we actually don’t. We tend to talk about it more than we actually do it. We feel it in our head first and then it moves to our heart. It makes perfect sense. A woman’s job is to be logical and safe about her choices. It’s important to our future and longevity. However, when a man meets the woman he’s going to marry he decides rather quickly and gives his heart without hesitation.

5. Men Long For You To Be Vulnerable

The word “vulnerable” often gets a bad rap. To me, and the men I work with, it simply means being open, ready to share, able to give and to receive. It’s actually one of the top things men ask me for when looking for their future wife. Learn how to be a smart, open and vulnerable woman on your first dates and you’ll see men climbing mountains to be with you.

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Find strength in vulnerability. Being vulnerable simply means being able to receive, as well as to give. Men love that. — @AprilBeyer

Are these the only things to know about men? Of course not. But, let’s start here and I’ll post more important insights about men soon.

Much love,

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