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Getting Smart About Who’s In Your Life

Before I launch into today’s post, I want to acknowledge that today is International Women’s Day, and to let you know there’s a wonderful website filled with inspiring information about the impact women are having in the world today. I encourage you to check it out when you get a chance. There are so many admirable women making such a difference with their knowledge and passion.

Speaking of a different sort of passion (the romantic kind), you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot going on for me right now! Later this month, I’m launching my popular dating and relationship course Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ and I’ve been completely immersed in refining the lessons to make sure it’s a winning experience for all of the women who’ll be participating!

So often women I’ve worked with seemed to focus on or play up one part of their identity, while completely disregarding other parts of themselves. Sometimes, they don’t realize these ignored parts of themselves matter — or that they even exist! An example of this happens when I interview women for potential introductions to my clients, and I ask them to tell me about themselves. I hear more about what they do, rather than who they are, or what they believe in or care about.

This month, because I’m so excited about my launch, I’m going to share some takeaway ideas with you that relate to what I teach in the course. These aren’t exercises, per se, because those are covered in the workshop. But these are important concepts about you and your life.

Do you consider yourself smart when it comes to the relationships in your life? In other words, do the people you allow into your life reflect who you are and what you stand for? I’m not talking just about romantic love, but what about even your coworkers, friends and family?

And, of course, what about the men you date? What does it mean that you’ve allowed these particular individuals in? That you devote any of your time to them? Believe it or not, being intentionally conscious of your perspective on this has a great impact on who you connect with romantically, and even has an impact on your confidence.

Here’s another question: do your decisions, large and small, align with your core values? Do you act in your own best interest? Are you able to speak up and ask for what you need with ease and confidence?

If you don’t develop this part of yourself, you’ll forever be in a cycle of feeling like the world isn’t listening to you. And all too often, an underlying frustration will be at the center of your universe. We all know how helpful that is, right?

This week, take a little time out for yourself and start looking at the men you’ve invited into your life. Make a mental list of their qualities and what the relationship brought to you. Was it pain or joy? Did you feel seen or heard by them? Loved, adored and respected? Don’t edit yourself. There’s no judgement here. Just a time to reevaluate.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and questions below, and of course, share with your good friends. This is an important conversation I’d like to start with you and women everywhere. We can have the best of everything in our lives, but still not be getting what we want or need when it comes to love. Men rely on us to show them how to treat us. It all starts with you and your core values.

Next, “Dating Sexy!” Ooh-la-la!

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P.S. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that my Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ course, can help you develop all these areas of yourself so that you can connect with a guy on a deeper level, and find the lasting relationship you want and deserve. Sign up for my free training video!

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