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Got a Minute? Meet Someone!

I say this often because I know it to be true: a guy who’s perfect for you could be hiding in plain sight. And that’s great news!

But first, can you believe it’s been almost five months since I launched this blog? I never realized how much I would enjoy writing these posts for you and interacting with you directly about dating and relationships. I love reading your comments, especially the stories you share.

My goal is for each post to spark something in you — whether it’s to help you know yourself better, to understand more about men, to take some chances in love, or simply to embrace the fun of dating. Whatever your relationship status, I want you to enjoy your life as it is at this moment. Being single is not supposed to be hard work. This is a key part of your journey!

If you followed my Spring series Five Weeks to a Fresh New Love Life, then no doubt you are ready to put the new you out there and meet some quality men!

Today, I’m going to take you back to my very first “Sparks!” post, which tells you how to start connecting with men in every area of your life.

This means you’ll be talking to TEN men this weekend!

Okay, you don’t have to do it all in ten minutes, but you do have to talk to at least ten. Here’s the link to my first “spark” to get you started:

The Weekend Warrior and Your Love Life

Remember, this is for fun and practice. Give it a try, share it with your friends, and check back here and tell me how it’s going!

Much love,
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