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How to Get the Best Dating Advice, Part One

The dating industry is a billion dollar industry. Everywhere you look, whether in real life or online, there are hundreds of dating coaches all over the country telling you they know love and they’re going to show you how to get it. Some even go as far as to tell you they can guarantee that within 30-90 days you’ll find the love of your life.

This worries me, and I’ll tell you why. The last time I checked, only God (or the universe, if that feels better to you) knows when this will happen. And maybe not even then. Love requires divine timing, two people intersecting at the right time in their lives. No one knows when — especially when they don’t know you, OR this exciting future Mr/Mrs. wonderful who’s going to waltz into your life.

My Truth

For 17 years, I’ve been guiding incredibly influential men into the ideal relationship with their dream women. I’ve interviewed literally thousands of singles. I’ve created hundreds of long term relationships, engagements and marriages with my unique style of matchmaking and keen understanding of human relationships. It’s something that is so intuitive that it cannot be taught.

Years of being privy to the “he said, she said” after each and every date, gave me a perspective that even the most gifted one-on-one therapist or coach couldn’t possibly have. After all, they only hear one side of any story, not both.

Imagine knowing exactly what happened to your date, new relationship or engagement immediately after the wheels came off. Imagine getting a call from me, walking you through every moment of your date, giving you his perspective and learning about yours. It’s quite fun, but can also be a huge awakening (and at times, a painful experience for some) when you have a third person watching over your dating life, helping you expand on your one sided view.

Why New Relationships Don’t Always Grow

When I first started in this business 17 years ago, I saw far too many promising couples crash and burn due to lack of insight, the wrong mindset, and unfortunate misperceptions, mostly misperceptions about themselves and what was valuable in a romantic relationship.

I quickly became the most respected Matchmaker in the country (I’m proud of that and not afraid to own it), but not simply because of the marriages I inspired and created. It was because of the time, patience and knowledge that I was able and willing to give to ensure the absolute success of those marriages.

With that in mind, I wanted to make even more of a difference and I took on more. I became a leading dating and relationship coach. It was a natural progression. After all, marriages don’t happen simply because you made an introduction. Each and every one of my couples needed advice, support and counseling to get them to “I Do.”

The two now go hand in hand for me. I can’t separate the Coach from the Matchmaker or the Matchmaker from the Coach.

A Changing Industry

But lately, especially in the past one-to-two years, there’s been an explosion of people calling themselves “experts” and “dating coaches,” marketing themselves to women and men, and creating even more chaos and confusion in the single world. Every day, I receive hundreds of women telling me their heads are spinning from too much advice, misinformation and an overload of data, stats and how-to’s.

So, who do you turn to? How do you know if you should read that book, buy that online course, or attend that passion and love seminar with two hundred other hopeful women sitting in hard chairs in a downtown hotel ballroom?

What is the best method for you, and how can you know who to trust with your money, your attention, and yes, your heart?

My Promise to You

Next week on the Friday Takeaway, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how you can get the best dating advice and information. I want to empower you to become a sophisticated consumer of dating and relationship advice, so that you don’t waste time going down the wrong path, but instead know how choose the information that will be best for you personally, on your own, unique journey to love.

Much love, as always,

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