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Internet Dating Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

At least to your emotional health.

For some people, dating on line can cause feelings of low self esteem. It can really put a ding in your confidence if you’re not careful. I’m sure you’ve been through it. Great email correspondence and a few flirty exchanges and then all of a sudden, silence.

Did he meet someone else? Was it something you said or didn’t say? Should you update your photo? Send him a note asking what happened?
My head is spinning just thinking about all of this anxiety.

This is a virtual world. Virtual Jack or Jane can’t possibly reject you! Why?
Because until you meet this person face to face- they do not exist!

Don’t allow yourself to sink into self-doubt simply because a virtual stranger didn’t respond to you, your profile or your photo. Take everything in stride and try to have fun with it. Dating on line can work, just make it a supplement to your search and not your only path.
You must realize this is JUST another avenue. Don’t strictly rely on your computer to bring love into your life. Relationships are created by real human contact, not sitting in your living room.

I’m meeting way too many women that are ONLY dating on line. Blaming their jobs for the reason why they just aren’t meeting enough people. Don’t kid yourself. You wouldn’t be meeting someone at work either. It’s just an excuse. Now that we are all adults, we have jobs that take us away from our personal lives. You are no different than anyone else. It just takes more effort to get out there. What about the rest of your life? After work, weekends?

Let’s face it. On line dating can be fun, but it has it’s challenges and quite frankly, it’s made people lazy.

My advice is to get out into the real world. Smile at someone. Make new friends. Get out of your comfort zone. You’re far less likely to be rejected if someone has the opportunity to see who you are in person.

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