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Got a Touch of Spring Fever?

I want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees. – Pablo Neruda

We all know the feeling – both delicious and expectant. The sun comes out and stays, buds burst into bloom, greenery abounds, and we start to have a touch of spring fever.

Is There Really Such a Thing as Spring Fever?

I started wondering about the scientific validity of spring fever, which I’ve observed among clients (and friends!) for years, so I did a quick Google search. Turns out studies show human sexual behavior changes with the season, and that biology is the key factor, while cultural and social factors each play a supplemental role.

Scientific American had a great piece on this a few years back. It includes the obvious but interesting little tidbit that “the more time people spend outside on a sunny spring day, the better their mood. Such good moods decreased during the hotter summer months and there is an optimal temperature for [good moods]: 72 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise known as room temperature.” It makes perfect sense, of course, and explains why on a spring day we might be less inclined to start a conversation with someone while say, sitting in an overly-air conditioned Starbucks, versus while at a table on a sun-drenched outdoor patio.

Spring and Sex

I also found a round-up of research into the effects of spring on sex and fertility, by Dr. Maryanne Fisher for Psychology Today. One of the more interesting questions she found research on was whether men view women differently depending on the season. The answer: yes, but scientists aren’t sure if that’s because of seasonal clothing styles, fluctuating hormones or both.

More than one study in Fisher’s round-up indicates a peak conception rate in late spring and early summer, which implies that spring fever is certainly leading up to something!

Has spring fever struck you yet? If not, get ready! This month I’ll have a special multi-part Friday Takeaway series that will help you do a little “spring cleaning” of your love life, to make way for fresh, new relationships!

Have a beautiful week!

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