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Self-Knowledge Can’t Be Measured

Have you ever felt as though the more you try to perfect something, the more you fail? As if your life was almost better before you even tried to make an improvement?

When it comes to dating advice, there’s an abundant amount of information out there. It’s everywhere you look. In book stores, online, in seminars, audio programs and self-help courses “experts” are telling you “you’re doing it wrong.” It’s overwhelming. How can you even know where to turn for a solid frame of reference, or to be assured that an investment in new knowledge will create massive change in your life.

Like most people, you want to be able to see and feel it. To know you have changed, and pinpoint exactly how and exactly when. You want a way to measure your success, and that’s smart.

Irene sent me a note on Facebook that I wanted to share:

April, I read your posts, I’ve purchased your Smart Sexy Soulful Dating series and was on all the calls. Incorporated it into my life and it’s gotten worse. What else do I need to do? Help!

Irene, first of all, thank you for being a dedicated follower and participant. Without sitting side by side with you, my first thought is that things have not gotten worse, it just feels that way at the moment. The advice in my Smart Sexy Soulful audio series is a solid foundation to start to implement into your life. All of this advice is based on fifteen years of helping men and women find, create, and sustain long term, loving relationships. The audio program is a great start, but guess what? You can’t stop there.

Self Knowledge Can’t be Measured

Right now, you are planting seeds. Seeds that will grow with time. With your personal life you can’t expect everything to change overnight simply because you have new knowledge. Any program that promises you 30 days to getting the guy you want or anything of that nature, is a sham and you should watch out for these such gimmicks. (That’s why my program instead prepares you for growth.)

I work privately with women to make sure they are staying on track and to ensure they’ve processed the material in the right way, and are using it in the way it’s intended. I want you to know that every single woman I have worked with has had the same feeling you do right now.

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Once I have given women the powerful information my coaching is based on, a completely new way to look at themselves, and a refresher on their new mindset, it starts to feel like everything around them is unraveling. This is perfectly normal. All this means, is that you’re doing something new. It feels scary, awkward, and suddenly, the things you were doing in the past are no longer serving you.

Irene, this will pass, but you need to give this time and push through it. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. When we are open, we feel vulnerable, we’re more sensitive, and it can make everything seem like it’s worse, but it’s not.

Knowledge is your friend, not your enemy.

My advice is to look at your life in a holistic way. Think big picture. Be patient and allow the world to catch up with your new Smart Sexy Soulful attitude, as you practice and embrace it. Remember, you’re planting seeds in the beautiful garden that is your life. Nurture yourself, and allow them time to grow!

Much love,
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