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Hosting “Making Mr. Right!” for VH1

Whew – that was fun! The first episode of my new VH1 show “Making Mr. Right” aired tonight! I’ve made television appearances on other shows, but I’ve never actually hosted an entire program.

Working on a reality show is so much more creative and challenging than I’d anticipated. I was super impressed with the producers on this show. Turns out it’s actually more difficult to put a non-scripted show together than it is a scripted one. I never knew that until this experience. What an education!

I loved the cast and crew, and every day it was a joy to go to work. We shot the entire season in less than a month on location in Los Angeles. Wow! It was a lot of work but I loved every minute of it. Since everything was kept top secret, I didn’t even know what would be happening each day on the set until I arrived at my trailer!

The cast and crew became my family for one solid month. I miss everyone so much!

This first episode is just the set up for the show, so if you were watching tonight, just know that there are major twists and turns along the way. You’ve now had a chance to see Brittany, Rachel and Lindsay. Can you guess who might find love?

And even though my stomach was full of butterflies at the launch party this evening — I had my wonderful friends, family, and husband with me. We had a great time watching me play a kind of a fairy godmother to the girls on the show.

By the way, this isn’t how I run my Matchmaking company. After all, it’s TV and meant to be entertaining. It’s fun, light hearted and at times totally silly. As the weeks go on, you’ll see the stakes get higher and everyone’s true nature and character come to the surface. When you’re dealing with singles and love, it’s bound to be packed with a lot of emotion!

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