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Month of Love Commenter Awards!

We have our winners!

Last month, in honor of the month of love and to celebrate my new website, I offered a couple of prizes for the best comment on my Facebook Page or my blog “Sparks!” I have to say, it wasn’t easy to choose a winner! There were so many thoughtful and insightful comments from my amazing and inspiring readers. But there was a comment that really stood out to me — it was this one from Christine:

….I have [compared] myself to younger women (and I think a lot of that was fueled by dating advice out there saying how it’s those women in their 20s who are most desirable to men and will snap up all the good ones. Online dating also often fuels the competition mentality, in just tossing up our photos with other women). However, I think I need to put my blinders on as well. In my social circle there are two young women in particular who I used to feel intimidated by, because they’re beautiful and in their 20s (one of them, in fact, has even done some professional modeling). I was resigned that any guy I encountered there, who I may be interested in, would ignore me and go after them. As it turns out, though, the guys they ended up dating were the ones I had no romantic interest in anyway and only liked as friends. So my fears that they would “steal” a guy away from me didn’t even come true. That taught me to stop the comparison games. Not to mention, if any men out there are shallow enough to think of us all as interchangeable, then I don’t know what I’d want to do with them and am not missing out on anything in them not dating me! I’m looking for depth and substance.

Christine, thank you for being so thoughtful. I’m delighted to say that you are the winner of the $150 Sephora gift card. Whoo-hoo! I’ll be getting in touch via email to determine the best way to send that out to you.

And the other person I want to recognize today is Debby, to whom I’m sending a copy of Megan Laslocky’s wonderful Little Book of Heartbreak. (Follow the link to read my interview with the author.)


What’s interesting about Debby is not that any particular comment of hers stood out individually to me, but rather that Debby is such an active member of our community! She’s always engaged and delightful, connecting her friends with the material, and chiming in with quick comments on all three of my primary platforms — the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Debby, I hope you enjoy the book and thank you for being such a regular reader and having such a positive spirit.

Truly though, I want to thank all of you. It’s been more than exciting to hear from you about how my advice has been helpful to you, or to see you converse with each other around the topic of a blog post. I hope we can continue to share with each other, and help each other on our respective journeys.

Have a wonderful week!

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