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Private Dating & Relationship Coaching

“With me, you get something far more lasting and rewarding than just dating advice. I’m going to teach you how to be your most intuitive self so you can start taking charge of your personal life.” ~ April Beyer

With me, you get something far more lasting and rewarding.

“I am grateful for your intuition and trust. Your coaching has helped me stay in touch with what is important to me. Had you not guided me in this way, I might have stopped at two dates or maybe not made it to a second date. I am feeling the shift, and noticing the way I feel with him and when I speak to him versus only seeing things on a surface and superficial level. To think I might have missed out on the chance to meet such a great man. Wow!” – Leslie, 37¬† Attorney

Effective and Successful Dating & Relationship Coaching

I’ve helped thousands of women from all over the world to get to a place of total clarity and confidence when it comes to love, dating and relationships. I would love to give you the same guidance, and show you how you can attract and form a deep connection with a high-quality, relationship-ready man.

A Practical and Holistic Approach

I’m not going to offer you gimmicks, tricks, or clever strategies to use in your dating life. Why? Because a quick-fix approach will only hurt your chances for love and yield superficial, temporary results.

Working together, we’ll dive deep into the reasons you’ve arrived at where you are in your life today, and explore what’s needed to help you achieve your most important personal goals and dreams. What do you ultimately want out of a relationship? How do you get it? We’ll replace all the myths and confusion about dating with a refreshing new perspective, and you’ll become your most authentic self.

This wonderful transformation will not only make you happier in general, it will help you be ready for the right man to approach you, court you, and ultimately love and cherish you. Every aspect of your life matters when we work together. So, we’ll be looking at what is and isn’t working in areas of work, friendship and of course, love.

An Established Coaching Practice, and 20 Years of Proven Experience

I’m one of the most highly regarded matchmakers and relationship consultants in the country, with hundreds of relationships and dozens of marriages to my credit. All of the dating advice I’ll be giving you is based on my experience creating successful relationships for smart, modern women and highly eligible men.

You may feel like everything in your life is successful, except for your love life. You’ve invested time, attention and money into your education and your career and now you realize the value of investing in your personal life.

If you’re serious about making a significant shift in your dating and personal life, submit your name and email for more details. Check out the coaching programs below and let’s get you started on your journey!

Coaching Programs


Get ready to kick start your transformation and spend a day with April! This is an intimate meeting with April where she’ll focus on your immediate needs, concerns and goals to give you a solid plan to move forward. You’ll come away refreshed, armed with powerful knowledge and a renewed sense of hope.

  • Initial one hour phone session
  • VIP Day with April
  • Includes the Smart Sexy Soulful DatingTM coaching series

3-Month Transformation Program Р($3,000 value)

This program is based on April’s Smart Sexy Soulful DatingTM series and is the foundation for all of April’s coaching. Become the woman who knows how to approach her love life with knowledge, confidence and clarity.

  • Six 1-hour phone/Skype coaching sessions with April
  • Unlimited private email support during your 3-month program
  • Includes the Smart Sexy Soulful DatingTM coaching series

You’re closer than you think! Let’s take you from where you are today and get you the love you want and deserve! Submit your information below let’s get you dating smarter.