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Single In Your 30’s

New relationships are beginning and the economy is certainly creating a new focus on everyone’s personal life. This can only be a good thing!

Quick updates:
I led a Single in the 30’s focus group for Good Morning America last week which aired this morning. What a fascinating experiment this was. We interviewed 4 men in their 30’s. I asked them what they liked, needed, wanted and just how serious were they about finding a life partner.

4 women were behind a two way mirror watching and listening to everything the men said. The men had no idea they were there and after my interview, the ladies were asked to come in and join the men for a real, honest discussion.

Here is what we learned:
Women in their 30’s were feeling frustrated that men were only dating women in their 20’s. The men seemed to be career focused and not really searching for a wife. They all did say they would like a great relationship, however, I can tell you that they were just not ready. It was abundantly clear by the choices they were making. What can you do about this? Don’t assume that just because someone is in their 30’s that they have reached a relationship maturity level.

Love and relationship do not always equal marriage. Two different game plans people!

Most men start reaching this age of looking for a partner closer to the age of 40. Not so true in every city in the world, but most definitely in the bigger cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For the men out there you stand a better chance for survival in a relationship if you date a woman closer to 30 and above. Just like you, women need their time to grow up as well. Choose to young and you might just end up with a completely different woman in 10 years.

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