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Why my blog will support your heart and your life.

If you’ve been following my advice for a while, you know how passionately committed I am to helping people find their footing when it comes to love and relationships.

My goal, when I first started this blog, was to dispel some of the misinformation and bad advice floating around out there. In my work as an elite matchmaker and dating and relationship coach, I meet people every day who are confused about love and dating. I see how easy it is for you to act against your own best interests because of that confusion. For example, trying to seem mysterious to attract men, or being so independent you forget how to let a man in, and yes, even sometimes giving up on dating altogether!

Love Will Find You.

So much of what we’re rewarded for in work and in other areas of our lives can lead us to let go of parts of ourselves that we should hang onto. For some, those may be creative parts, for others spiritual, and for still others, the feminine and sexual aspects of who we are. I mean, we’re smart, right? Sometimes, even brilliant! So brilliant, on occasion, that we talk ourselves out of what we want or need because we think we’re beyond it.

Well guess what? It’s okay to cultivate a spirit of openness and generosity in love, and to anticipate that your efforts will come back to you in kind. It doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. It means you’re even smarter.

Since launching my blog, I’ve written more than 200 posts offering substantive, informative and nuanced advice about what it takes to meet and deeply connect with generous, loving, marriage-minded men. Some of those posts have been shared more than forty-thousand times on social media, generated countless thoughtful conversations, and resulted in the hundreds of emails from women about how my advice has helped them find the man of their dreams. These messages, hand-written thank you cards and dashed-off emails really do mean the world to me.

I want to see women succeed in love, and I know that it will find you when you’ve done the work to shift your perspective and genuinely open your heart.


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The truth about what really works is so very simple. It’s never too late to reclaim and enjoy the discarded dimensions of ourselves that will help us be well-rounded, fun, glorious successes in life and in love. Love is for brilliant women, too.

Wishing you new beginnings and lasting relationships!

Much love, as always,


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