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Spring Cleaning is Not Just for Your Closet

Spring is always my busiest time of year. It’s when the phones start to ring and clients seem to be more anxious than ever to find love. It makes sense: Spring is a time for birth and renewal. Flowers are blooming everywhere and somehow everything has a fresh look and feel.

Your love life should be no different.

It’s time to shed the winter coats and opt for your spring dresses! It’s time to get rid of the gloomy attitude that your last relationship left you with and make a decision to have a new perspective.

It’s time to start opening up like the flowers around you instead of being shy, scared or closed off to new people and relationships!

Your attitude should be as fresh and new as everything else spring brings. If old relationships are still lingering in your closet, put them in a box and give them to Goodwill! Understand that losing time, energy and sleep over the past will not serve you. Clear out the clutter and make space for someone new in your life. You don’t have to find a relationship to feel better. You need to FEEL BETTER to FIND a new relationship. Take care of YOU first and foremost. You won’t regret the time you spent on your growth and self-exploration.

If you’re currently in a relationship, value what you DO have instead of constantly asking yourself if “He’s The One”. I promise once you do, you’ll have an immediate shift in your perspective.

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