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“Spring Cleaning” Your Love Life in Five Simple Steps

If you’re anything like me, you love this time of year. Not just because of the longer days and the budding greenery, but because of the opportunity to renew anything and everything about your life that may need an overhaul. And that includes your love life! Who doesn’t love a fresh start?

Gratitude and Forgiveness as a Starting Point

Airing out closets and opening windows at this time of year is a healthy ritual, reminding us of the cycle of transformation in nature. Believe it or not, that same cycle of transformation is at work in our lives and relationships. Old relationships were not failures or simply partnerships that didn’t work out – they were cycles of growth, preparing us for our future.

Each relationship is an opportunity: to love, to learn, and to let go if it isn’t right.

I wrote about this in depth here on Sparks! as part of my series “Five Weeks to a Fresh New Love Life,” and the post about forgiveness was one of our most popular ever.

If you missed the series, take some time over the next few weeks to really explore and put into practice some of what I’ve suggested. Embrace Spring by giving your love life the attention and focus it deserves! I’ve shared the links below to make it easy for you to navigate. There’s also a link at the bottom of each post.

Find New Loves by Looking Ahead, Rather Than Behind You

You might not realize it but, hanging onto old hurts keeps you from being truly open to new opportunities.

Step One: Give Forgiveness Easier said than done, but well worth the effort. This post tells you how to forgive while protecting your heart and being smart about the future.

Step Two: Get Input! Are you approachable? We don’t always see the obvious, especially when it comes to ourselves. This is a fun way to take stock of whether we’re being fully received when we’re intending to make connections.

Step Three: Get a Great Wingwoman! This speaks for itself. Gotta have a great gal pal!

Step Four: Sexify Your Style! Spring is the best time to try something a little out of your comfort zone, as you emerge from under all those woolly layers.

Step Five: Seize the Day! Here’s where you bring it all together and prepare to be OPEN to new people and new opportunities. As I explain it in the post, get ready to say “YES.”

Hope you find these helpful!

And please, help spread the word!
Share this post with any woman you know could use a little lift in her dating life. Being single is part of our life’s journey. It’s supposed to be enjoyed, even the missteps! Have faith that you’ll find the right man and the relationship you seek, while making the the most of where you are on your path right now. In other words, have some fun with it!

Much love, as always,

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