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The Friday Takeaway: Five Winning Strategies for Online Dating

Happy Friday! This week went by so fast. I swear, there could be 20 extra hours in a day and there still wouldn’t be enough time for all the things we need to accomplish. Which brings up a question: has a busy life and lack of time pushed you in the direction of online dating? If so, how is it working out? Is it actually costing you even more time?

If you’re investing time but not finding success, you might simply be using the wrong approach. Before you toss your profile and delete your accounts, I want you to give it another try, but this time, follow these suggestions:

1. Get on the right site. skews younger while EHarmony tends to be a more mature crowd. Do your research. Consider a niche site that suits your interests, such as being super-smart or extremely eco-friendly. If you’re only on one site, switch it up and try something different! Keep it fresh!

2. Choose ONLY THREE gorgeous photos.
Delete any photos that are not serving you. This means eliminate photos that are blurry, show too many friends (or cocktails) in the picture, involve hats or sunglasses, or feature a tiny and far off image of yourself in front of the pyramids. No one cares where you’ve traveled! There’s a section where you can write about your travels, but leave the travel out of your photos. I recommend only the following three photos: face (with a smile), body (in dating attire), and casual (however you look on an average day but of course, at your best). Your photos are simply to show your looks. Period.

3. Be flexible with your desired age range.
Just for the sake of experiment, add on five years to the top of your requested age range. Yes, I said it. No sighs!

4. Open up your search to other cities.
Where do you like to travel? Do you live in LA but love NYC? Add it! Remember, this is just to see if you get more activity on your profile.

5. Rewrite your profile as if you’re talking to one person.
Write about the person and the type of relationship you’re looking for and say less about YOU. It may feel strange, but the truth is people can get to know you by how curious you are about them. And stay away from listing anything negative or mentioning your deal breakers.

Make sense? Ok, go to it! Come back let me know how this little assignment worked for you. I want updates on your progress!

Have a fantastic weekend. Be sure review last week’s Friday Takeaway to keep things fresh in your mind.

Much love,

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