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The Friday Takeaway: Look Around You!

How did it go last week? Did you get out of your comfort zone and try talking to TEN different men? Did it get easier with each try?

What’s wonderful is that when you simply make eye contact, smile and say hello — while letting go of the outcome — you actually practice giving yourself the space to be you. I’m not asking you to flirt or be aggressive. You already know I don’t subscribe to that. I’m simply encouraging you to be social and engage with new people around you. Not only the people you already know.

As I mentioned last week, I know from personal and professional experience that men appreciate a woman who is friendly and open. It’s just not true that the man has to be the first person to say hello.

This week, my suggestion is that you repeat this exercise (that’s right, another ten hellos!), but this time — I want you to pay special attention to the responses you get, and to what you give back in return. What can you say in the moment that is genuine and authentic? No gimmicks or tricks. Just take notice of what you see.

Again, think of each hello as an experiment, and as before, let go of the outcome. The idea here is to build your self-confidence by being yourself, while acknowledging another person in the moment — because you never know when you might be in the vicinity of the guy that is right for you! You don’t want to be so busy or distracted that you miss the chance to connect! This exercise is not meant to get you 20 dates this weekend so there’s no need to be shy or only choose men you find attractive.

I promise that next week we’ll move on to another tip or exercise, but for now, try allowing yourself the opportunity to just enjoy these fleeting connections. Remember, I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

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