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Finding Love Isn’t Only About You…

To everything there is a season, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to relationships started with Beyer & Company. Every year I see the patterns of the human heart: the blooming of new romance in the spring, the sexiness of summer, the vows and promises before friends and family at ceremonies from May through September.

As a Matchmaker, I have the privilege to be part of so many bonds, witnessing the joy of two people coming together and knowing I had a small part in nudging fate along. This summer, my team and I were thrilled to see one of our clients marry the woman of his dreams, another client who will marry in Europe later this month, and still a third fall deeply in love and begin a new romance. We feel very proud of the work we do at Beyer & Company. Now that the longer days are fading away, we can look back and celebrate the successful summer.

Although all three men are professional, single, highly educated and had a strong desire to find “the one,” they are really no different from my other hopeful clients. So, what created the perfect environment for them to realize their dreams? Was it luck? Did they follow a secret formula? Were they just somehow more deserving?

We Are All Deserving of Love

I’m often asked a rather silly question. “How long will it take, April?”

For this, I have no answer. After all, I’m not God, and I certainly don’t have a crystal ball. My response is always the same. “It will take as long as it takes.”

Those who can afford to hire the services of a Personal Matchmaking company are indeed fortunate to be in a position to be offered hand selected, qualified, quality introductions. But, even with all of my energy and best efforts, I can’t get all of my clients married. And, I’ll go a step further — I don’t think that everyone is ready to be married, even though they protest and try and tell me otherwise.

Are we all deserving of love? Of course we are. Are we all at a stage of readiness? Absolutely not. Does your relationship success have everything to do with YOUR readiness, attractiveness and worthiness of a wonderful partner?


Divine timing involves more than just you and your goals, wishes and dreams. It’s important to always remember that you are constantly evolving and getting closer to finding your forever love, but that person might still be in their world, evolving and getting ready for YOU.

It Takes Two

Love is a game of tennis. It requires two players who are willing and ready for the match. The takeaway here is you never know when love will strike. Never compare your journey to anyone else, and just know that your path is your own and everything is in its perfect place.

Your job is to love your life, get to know yourself, your wants, needs and prioritize what is nearest and dearest to your heart. Stop waiting for love. Fill your life up with joy and people and places you love. Take your eye off the target of meeting someone. I promise that if you’re lit up from within, you’ll be noticed, courted and loved by the person who is right for you.

You’re so much closer than you think!

Hugs and love,

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