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What Makes You A Catch?

It’s simple. It’s about how you MAKE someone feel. It’s not about your beauty, your body, the money you make, the car you drive, the places you’ve traveled or your education and career. There is no such thing as “A Catch” across the board.  If beauty and brains were everything, then there wouldn’t be any hot and smart women sitting home alone on a Friday night.

When a man meets you, he is not thinking about the things you’ve accomplished. He is coming away from that initial interaction with you or your first date with a new feeling about himself after being with you. Men are visceral and visual. If you make an emotional and physical connection with a man, you’re guaranteed to have interest from him. If he doesn’t call for a 2nd date or even ask you out for a 1st date, then one or both of those things are missing. It doesn’t matter how wonderful you are or how much your friends tell you what a jerk he is for not calling.

5 things to remember for your next date:

  1. Listen. Don’t talk your way through a date. Believe it or not, you’re just as interesting in your silent moments.  If not more so! Non verbal communication is equally as important as verbal. Your eyes, expression and body tell so much! Besides, if you’re a great listener you’ll get to know a man quicker than if you did all the talking!
  2. Compliment. Yes, men love compliments too! Remember, HE needs to FEEL amazing when he’s with you. Not THINK you’re amazing. Do you get the difference?
  3. Smile. Women need to be more friendly out there. Engage! Throw a guy a bone! Make it safe to come up and talk to you! Happy women get more dates!
  4. Reveal. Don’t story tell. Share! No, this doesn’t mean talking about your failures and disappointments in life. It means being open and allowing people to see the REAL you. You’re not the sum of your travels and career. Everything that makes you unique and beautiful lies within you. No need for posturing, impressing or auditioning. Just be YOU!
  5. Trust.  This means, trust yourself. Become friends with your instincts. They are your friend and much different than your scared and fearful inner voice. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your fears are your instincts. How to tell the difference? Sit in the quiet and if you’re in a good place, your intuitive and natural instincts will kick in and lead the way. Listen to what they are telling you and use them as a guide. Believe it or not, trust is not something you wait to give to someone. It’s when you truly TRUST YOURSELF that you will begin to make great choices for your future.

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