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When I knew I was ready for marriage.

When my husband proposed, all I kept thinking was: “ Wow, this is it! This is the moment that I’ve helped create for so many others!” Time stood still, or at least I felt like it had. We were looking at the beautiful San Francisco Bay. It was surreal. Perfect. Amazing.

I was filled with emotion, love, joy, surprise and all the other emotions that come with being proposed to.

More importantly, I felt calm. Confident. Ready.

Ready to love this man. I felt ready to be responsible for him, as he has promised to be for me.

We are ready to take care of one another, no matter what. We will be combining families, lifestyle, finances and the big unknown: Our future.

My time had come. I knew it would, which is why I never worried along the way when I hadn’t yet found the love of my life. I enjoyed my single years and lived each moment to the fullest.

Now that I have found him, I am ever so grateful that I did not make this decision prior to this time. He is the right man. He was worth the wait.

As a Matchmaker and Dating Coach, I was often asked why I wasn’t married. My answer is simple and honest.

I was always a great girlfriend, but only now am I ready to be a wife. Since I was not ready to be married, I chose men that were only boyfriend material. There’s nothing wrong with that. I was fortunate to have had great guys in my life.

As I looked toward my future of being this man’s wife, I felt the maturity that it would take to get us through the years. That can be scary, but I embraced that fear because I loved him so much.

Being mature and responsible enough for marriage is a key to not settling and choosing a man with which you can be with forever. Click here to figure out if you are truly ready for marriage.

2 Responses to “When I knew I was ready for marriage.”

  1. Leslie says:

    Well said April ! The key words are ….Maturity , Responsible and Ready….ready to be selfless. It’s funny , we are ready to wear a beautiful white dress , see gourgous flowers and have the party of a life time , but it is important to ask your self are you ready for real life with a partner. I too am married to an amazing man and can honestly say he’s married to an amazing women … me ! Lol : ). But like you it took me awhile to find out who I was and what I was capeible of becoming and did a lot of “homework” in learning how to date healthy and honestly. And because of all your great advice / guidance I was able to find the right man and allow myself to let go and be vulnerable. I love being his wife and love being a stepmom , but like you said , you have to be ready …because it is work and you have to be mature and be totally dedicated to your family and it’s not always going to be a party everyday. But if you have that real love and respect and maturity…. let’s just say , that makes for a great recipe ! And one more thing …. if you can laugh with your partner and not sweat the small stuff , I say your ahead of the game ! : )

    • April Beyer says:

      Thank you for your wonderful insights Leslie. Readiness is everything! I’m so happy to know you’ve been following me for quite some time and that my advice has helped you to find the right man. Continued joy and success to you! – April

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