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Why Relationships Change in Early Summer

Hope your 4th was happy and filled with fireworks! Independence Day is such a fun holiday. Although I have to say driving around Los Angeles Wednesday would make anyone wish for a flying car. It seemed like every driver was fuming and in a hurry to get out of town!

Be that as it may, a sunny, long weekend like this is, of course, a great time to get out and meet someone new. Everyone is celebrating with picnics, bbq’s, fireworks and friends, and getting together in a relaxed and easy way, so the pressure is off!

Love in Early Summer

It’s actually this time of year, the beginning of summer, when things start to change with relationships. I see new relationships forming but I also see the end of some longer relationships. Summer is a time to shed the winter clothes, but it’s also the biggest time people tend to shed old relationships that no longer work.

Declaring Your Own Independence

If you’ve been in a long relationship (or married) and you’re seeing yourself as an independent woman for the first time in many years, fear not. This is the perfect time to declare your own voice, attitude, wants and needs. Be proud of yourself for letting go of the past, and allowing yourself to move forward on your own.

For some women, getting back out there solo can be down right terrifying. It makes sense. We believe that the comfort of relationships and our long friendships will provide the stability we seek. And yet, it’s often the times of independence when we grow the most, and really get comfortable in our own skin.

If this is you, then make this your time to curate your own fireworks. You are stronger than you know, just as you are. And you are powerful in your oneness.

Much love,
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