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Your Independence Day

Summer is in full swing, and a celebratory weekend is upon us! Whether you’re at the beach or a BBQ, with friends or with family, — or all of the above — I hope you have a spectacular weekend with fireworks of all kinds!

I’ll be back next week with a new Sparks! post for you, but wanted to leave you with a quick thought for this weekend…

As you’re celebrating our Nation’s independence, take a moment to think about your own independence as well, especially if you are single. As a woman dating, you have more power than you know.

You have the freedom and the power to choose. You choose with your eyes and your smile. You decide who you’ll open your heart to, and who deserves to be in your life. Never give up on yourself, and what you, personally, need to be happy. Don’t settle for less. Don’t rush. Listen to your intuition, and trust yourself. You are the most important person in your dating life!

Have a fantastic weekend, and may the sparks fly!

Much love,


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