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Creating Attention and Attraction: You’re Closer Than You Think To the Love You Want

Wow! I’m excited! I know I mentioned this on Friday, but with registration about to open up for my online course, it’s pretty much the one thing on my mind right now!

This is the first time I’ve offered my course this way, and I have to admit, I’m finding it a thrill. It’s going to allow me to coach and share with more women directly, in an online workshop setting with live group calls, and I can’t wait.

You’re So Close!

One of the things I want to say to women time and again is “You’re closer than you think.” This will be my chance to explain that in detail.

So many women with so much to offer really only need a shift in perspective to help them see why they’ve been having trouble connecting with the right man. And once they achieve that realization, then it’s just a matter of putting new habits and practices in place, before they begin attracting all kinds of men and being able to intentionally achieve a deeper connection with those they find appealing. I love helping women discover they’ve had this power for connection within them the whole time!

For example, have you been putting out a lot of effort to meet someone, trying to stay patient and wondering where all the relationship-ready men are? You’re not alone in wondering this, but believe me, they are out there. I happen to know these men because I work with them every day in my matchmaking company. This means I get to hear how men observe women, and what motivates them to approach a woman and ask her out. Strangely enough, it’s not type. It’s something much more.

Attention and Attraction — You Create These!

You might not realize that you can actually inspire attention and attraction. You absolutely have the power within you to create more meaningful interactions and relationships. It’s true. How you think about yourself and men could possibly be the one thing that could bring love into your life, or push it away.

Did you know that, very often, men are waiting for you to give them an opening, a signal, a form of appreciation in order to walk up and talk to you? Here’s the best part. You can do this so easily — with your eyes, your smile and a simple hello. You don’t need to be super-out there or come up with witty banter or conversation starters. Just be open. Sure, your looks might get you the first moment of attention, but it’s your warmth and openness that will get you the date and ultimately, the relationship that’s right for you.

I could go on and on — as you know this is my favorite topic! I just wanted to check in and let you know how excited I am about what I’m bringing to the world of women, dating, relating and love.

Want to Participate? You Are More Than Welcome!

If you’re interested in learning more about my Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ course, go ahead and get on the advance notice list. It’s free, and I’ll also be sending you some early training videos that help prep you in case you do decide to sign up for the course once we open registration. And if you don’t register, just consider the early training materials my gift to you!

Everything I do is meant to inspire, support and guide women to a better place in their lives. Dating is just a part of your life and yet it takes up a lot of your attention, time and often, results in frustration. It really doesn’t have to be that way, and once you can see just how easy and effortless creating connection can be, your heart will be lighter, bigger and ready to receive all kinds of wonderful things.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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P.S. If you know of someone who might benefit from the post, or even from my course, please share this with her. I want as many women as possible to have this opportunity to bring the love into their lives they so want and deserve!

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